About us

 Our company was established in 1948 as a specialized manufacturer of leaf tobacco dryers and related equipment in Kagoshima Prefecture, a leading tobacco producing region in Japan.

 Today, using the heat management technology accumulated through advancement in drying technology, we have developed driers for the agricultural livestock and fishery industries, as well as low temperature equipment and environmental equipment. Our products are used by customers both here in Japan and all over the world.

 With “Development – Our Top Priority” as our motto, we will unflaggingly continue to strive to deliver technologies that will meet market demands and the needs of the times and world of industry.

Company Overview

Company NameSanshu Sangyo Co., Ltd.
Head Office4-11-2 Nanei, Kagoshima City, Kagoshima
891-0189 JAPAN
Tel+81-99- 269-1821
EstablishmentAugust 1948
Capital Stock80 million JPY
Employees58 (as of 2024 February)