Vapor Heat Treatment systems (VHT systems)

Vapor Heat Treatment System (VHT system) as the main product,

Our special heat control machine has been used around the world.

What is Vapor Heat Treatment System?

 The Vapor Heat Treatment System (hereinafter “VHT System”) is a device for steadily killing eggs and larvae of fruit fly parasitizing inside with vapor and heat without injuring of fresh fruits.

 The device operates on the following basic principle: The fruit is exposed to heat at specified temperature and humidity levels, increasing its internal temperature. So, that is able to kill the parasite while avoiding heat injury to the fruit.

 The system of equipment we provide is called the "differential pressure treatment system.” This treatment system type uses differential pressure to induce efficient circulation of vapor heat through all spaces in-between fruits so that every each individual fruit is always evenly and uniformly exposed to vapor heat atmosphere.

 Currently, almost all fresh fruits being imported to Japan on the condition of VHT are processed with differential pressure type treatment system.

 Installation Result of Vapor Heat Treatment system

  • Cambodia
  • Malaysia
  • Taiwan

  • India
  • Pakistan
  • Thailand

  • Indonesia
  • Philippines
  • Vietnam

... And more

 Vapor Heat Treatment Commercial Systems

For sterilization of fresh tropical fruit in large quantities

 This machine is capable of sterilizing a large volume of fresh fruit in per time.

 Vapor heat treatment is used to killing fruit flies that lay eggs inside tropical fruit and cause serious damage.

 Currentry, the commercial module type has the capacity to 500 kg (1 Unit) to 5 tons (10 Unit).  It can be designed according to the target fruits and the installation location.

 Vapor Heat Treatment System made by Sanshu Sangyo is used in more than 10 countries worldwide, including old type.

Vapor Heat Treatment Testing System

For sterilization tests and fruit damage tests

 This machine has been installed into the laboratories such as the Pant Protection Station in Japan and overseas, in order to test for fruit damage, insecticide and disinfection. 

 It provide various temperature and humidity of environmental conditions with high precision, according to the purpose of the test by differential pressure mechanism.

 It also controls and keep the environmental conditions your require, and can record temperature and humidity. 

 Biochemical equipment

Installation of Biotron, temperature and humidity controlled chamber and clean room.

 Grading and Packing Machine

SANSHU make a proposal of grading machine according to purpose like sweetness, mass and colors and packing machine.

Catalog in English

  • Catalog for Vapor Heat Treatment System (PDF) 

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